Filename Date Link
ICERIVER-KAS-KS0 2023-09-16 Download
ICERIVER-KAS-KS1 2023-09-16 Download
ICERIVER-KAS-KS2 2023-09-16 Download
ICERIVER-KAS-KS3 2023-09-16 Download
ICERIVER-KAS-KS3L 2023-09-16 Download
ICERIVER-KAS-KS3M 2023-09-16 Download


Firmware Download


1.Improve the web interface for better user experience.

2.Fixing some known issues.

Please note:

1.Strictly follow the model-specific upgrades: Firmware upgrades should only be applied to the corresponding machine model. Customers will be responsible for any consequences resulting from upgrading with incompatible firmware.

2.Download official firmware: Please make sure to download firmware from our official website and do not use firmware from unofficial sources. Customers will be liable for any consequences resulting from using unofficially provided firmware.

3.Follow the user manual: Please carefully read and follow the instructions provided in our user manual for firmware upgrades to ensure correct operations.

4.Incremental upgrades: If you have multiple machines, it is recommended to first upgrade one of them and observe if the machine runs stably after the upgrade. Only proceed to upgrade other machines once stability is confirmed to reduce potential risks.

5.If the machine experiences any abnormalities during the upgrade process, please restore it to factory settings.

6.This firmware version is a beta test version. If any abnormal conditions occur after the upgrade, please promptly contact us through the official website support ticket.

7.After downloading the firmware, please unzip it and verify that the MD5 checksum is correct before proceeding with the upgrade. The upgraded package, after extraction, will have the file extension “.bgz.”

8.If the machine is functioning normally, it is not recommended to upgrade to a new firmware version.

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